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3DSL NDT Suite

3DSL NDT Suite

Fast, Accurate 
for Service 

The 3DSL NDT Software Suite is a suite of software tools designed to enable fast, accurate fitness for service calculations on a variety of infrastructure. The software, designed to work with the 3DSL imaging systems and the 3D Toolbox damage assessment system, enables acquisition of a 3D data, analysis of the data to determine infrastructure damage, and assessment of the impact of the damage using industry standard recommendations such as ASME B31G and API 579.

Determine the impact of metal loss

Determine the impact of mechanical damage

Identify cracks

How it Works

3D data from the 3DSL Rhino, or other source, is analyzed to determine the impact of damage.  For metal loss assessments, this complex process begins with creating a mesh from a collection of points and then calculating the surface normals at each mesh vertex.  The distribution of surface normals is then used to separate areas of damage from “parent” metal (undamaged metal).  A convex-hull calculation is performed to ensure an accurate reference from which to measure the metal loss.  The result is an accurate depth measurement that is ultimately used to determine the remaining strength. 

For mechanical damage, we calculate the strain associated with the mechanical deformation in accordance with ASME B31.4 and B31.8.  These strain calculations are based on the axial deflection of the pipe and the radii of curvature at all points within the damaged areas.  Although the meshing and calculation of normals is similar to the metal loss assessment method, the deflection and strain calculations are performed using a point-to-point assessment of the displacement of the metal.


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